2016 Top Home Security Systems and Devices

Home security has always been a vital element of our lives. It is said that we are most vulnerable when at the confides of our houses. This has led to a stable demand for home security products which has fueled innovations in the industry in 2016.

The innovations range from low-budget systems that are meant to mimic live systems to the complex pricey systems that enforce lock-downs in the event of burglary. These are the top home security systems that we are going to look at through this post.

Low-budget home security sensors and alarms

1. LED Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

At the lower end of the budget we have the LED Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor Light. This $15 gadget has made quite the buzz on the internet. It features three modes and is useful for the dark corners of the yard where burglars may hide. The sensor with an effective distance of 26 feet lights up the bright LEDs when they sense motion.

Entry Defense Alarm Doberman Security2. Entry Defense Alarm Doberman Security

At this budget we have the Entry Defense Alarm Doberman Security which at around US $16 is quite useful.

It sounds a 100 decibel alarm on unauthorized entry, alerting the security personnel and the house owners of the break in. It is appropriate for a shed or a storage room.

Mid-range home security systems

Innovations are more concentrated at the average price. This is the price that the middle income household can afford. Here the gadgets are a little bit smarter and pricier than those at the lower end.

1. FrontPoint Interactive Monitoring System

FrontPoint Interactive
FrontPoint Interactive

The FrontPoint Interactive Monitoring System come in handy. It costs around US $50 per month. It turns your smart devices into monitoring devices where you can watch whatever is going on at your home. It gives you instant security alerts and provides remote access and control to your home system.

You as well get 24/7 professional monitoring at no extra cost. This system covers crash and smash protection, smoke and heat monitoring, carbon monoxide monitoring and water and flooding monitoring. It is a proper system for a middle income budget homestead.

2. Protect America’s platinum package

Protect America’s platinum package which goes for US $42.99 with a three-year contract provides similar features. It provides motion detectors and up to 14 door and window sensors. The two systems are ideal for this budget range.

Protect America platinum package

Premium home burglar alarm companies

1. Burglar busters

Specialist security companies, most with military arms, tend to have divisions that specialize in home security systems. The products are quite expensive compared to products at other price ranges. Burglar busters which are quite expensive are set up to produce noxious gases when triggered.

home security systems

The household that can afford these systems are basically not looking to protect their TVs or fridges from them, they can afford the insurance for that. The main concern is their personal security.

2. burglar blasters

Innovations like the burglar blasters are meant to knock out large teams of intruders. The gases in the blasters may include concentrated pepper sprays, inert gases that may last up to 24 hours and other motion deterrent gases.

These systems cost north of US $50000 and are considered among the most effective and expensive systems. The systems work perfectly with alarm systems as their triggers. They are as well available online and they come with a do it yourself manual, minimizing the amount of people with access or knowledge of the existence of the systems. These fall under the alert and capture systems.


In conclusion, the home security industry has tremendously advanced to an extent that living without a security system can be termed as negligence. The industry provides a reasonable system for whatever budget any user may have. The above are some of the best systems available online at the price ranges however, more effective systems which require presence of man power are available.

3 Best and Affordable Security Systems For Your Home

Your life, your family, your home, and probably in that order, are those that mean the most to all of us. That is why home security is an essential investment choice that requires the most informed decision.

The right choice means an assurance of safety and peace of mind for you and your family to grow and prosper all through the years. That said, we have compiled a list of the most trusted, most effective and most affordable home security systems that you can choose from.

home security

Their rankings were decided through thorough independent research in collaboration with opinion from security experts and industry professionals. We have also factored in the opinions and experiences collected from the polls we conducted among their customers for a wider and more in-depth analysis. That said, read on below as we countdown to the best home security system on our list.

1. Lifeshield Security

lifeshield securityAt third place on our list, is the first all digital and wireless security system for homes, Lifeshield Security. It is also the only security service that offers full protection against home fires among its other alluring advantages.

  • Unlike many other security providers, Lifeshield Security offers total wireless control support for its systems on both broadband internet and cellular wireless channels.
  • It provides both DIY installation options as well as in-house certified installation professionals to do it for you.

2. Protect America

protect americaBacked by a very reputable monitoring company, Criticom, Protect America assures its users of stellar reliability throughout their service.

To top that off, Protect America offers great value with one of the lowest prices available in the security systems market. It provides web based controls and alerts as well as a DIY installation option.

Although Protect America is a worthy choice in our opinion, it does not offer a cellular plan at its $19.99 entry price so if you consider this an important necessity, be sure to ask for a plan that offers it.

Reasons for ranking

  • Among our top three, Protect America offers the cheapest entry price with its monitoring prices going for as low as $19.99 per month in addition to its free startup equipment. Their price lock feature also guarantees that your monthly charges remain consistent throughout your term of service.
  • One of the qualities that set the Protect America service apart from the rest is their lifetime warranty on their equipment – not to mention that their equipment comes free with all of their standard contracts. This of course comes with some terms and conditions, so be sure to read through your contract and follow the simple requirements as soon as you install the service.

3. Frontpoint Security

frontpoint securityFinally, taking the title as the best on our list is the sturdy home security system provided by Frontpoint Security.

Their status as number one can be attributed to their satisfactory and swift customer response service.

Customer support and relations is the key to a successful company and Frontpoint are the embodiment of the best in the market. It also offers a DIY option, reliable CCTV cellular monitoring and a home automation feature.

Reasons for ranking

  • Strong customer support is one of the reasons they grabbed the top position. Their representatives were open and willing to answer any of our inquiries without succumbing to the urge to force the sale down our throats. They were also prompt and very helpful with all our emergency and maintenance issues.
  • Just like our number three contender, Frontpoint Security offers full support for cellular service connections. Their dedicated cellular support system ensures that even when those sneaky burglars cut your wire or try to block the emergency signals in any way, the emergency responders will still be connected to you. This means that during that crucial moment, the police or fire brigade will definitely be able to get your emergency signal.

DIY Wireless home security systems with cameras

Frontpoint security also provides a unique – and patented – crash protection feature. What this basically means is that in the event that an intruder tries to disarm your alarm by damaging it, an alarm will go off at their monitoring station and your system shall be put under special status.

The special attention status can be disabled once a disarm notice is sent to the station. If not, appropriate action shall be taken by the station as it will be considered that an intrusion is in progress.

Along with its transparency, Frontpoint’s pricing is also the most competitive for its level of service. More so it comes with a thirty day money back guarantee with no questions asked for elevated assurance.